SONIC: a blue hedgehog who can run faster then the speed of light.        KNUCKLES: a red hared strong fighting machine.               TAILS: a yellow fox that can steer  any airplane in the world.                     SHADOW: a black hedgehog that was built by dr.eggman.                      OMEGA: a robot trapped in dr.eggmans lair that was designed to destroy sonic.                        ROUGE: a spy who works for the military and can fly.                    AMY: a pink girl who loves sonic allot.            BIG: a strong bunny that loves fishing.                    CREAM: a flying rabbit that secretly loves tails.                  ESPIO: a purple chameleon that works for vector.                  VECTOR: a alligator that loves to fight.                  CHARMIE: a bumblebee who is very funny and works for vector.


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